I can no longer move the giraffe by myself.

So, one giraffe is  hanging from the ceiling, which was quite a feat. (Thanks, Tom.)

You will notice that the legs are at the wrong angle; it looks like he is leaping. That is one of the problems of working on a table.

Off come all four legs, yet again. I am amazed by how strong papier mâché is.

One thing that I had been wondering about was insulation spray foam. There used to be a spray foam shop off of I-5 where they had a display of monsters made of foam. Time to try it! Foam worked perfectly for the skinny legs. I used 3” mailing tubes and masking tape tubes, taped them up and then shot the foam into the tubes in sections. In the middle of the legs there is a 1-1/2” dowel.

I will be happy to get those damn legs on correctly so that I can start the actual body shaping.imageimage


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