Just Shoot Me

I can no longer move the giraffe by myself. So, one giraffe is  hanging from the ceiling, which was quite a feat. (Thanks, Tom.) You will notice that the legs are at the wrong angle; it looks like he is leaping. That is one of the problems of working on a table. Off...


Well, after spending almost 2 weeks trying to figure out to deal with the stability issues, I finally have a plan: off with their legs! That’s right. So long to construct, so fast to saw off.  I’ve inserted wooden dowels to help bear the weight. The torso...

STANDING! Big sigh of relief and so much more work to do.Trying to decide if I should add the legs to #2 or finish #1 first. I can see that the only way I can attach the neck and head is by 1) laying him on the table or 2) looking for a space with higher ceiling. My...

 4 legs! Almost ready to stand on his own, then I start shaping the parts.

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