STANDING! Big sigh of relief and so much more work to do.Trying to decide if I should add the legs to #2 or finish #1 first. I can see that the only way I can attach the neck and head is by 1) laying him on the table or 2) looking for a space with higher ceiling. My...

 4 legs! Almost ready to stand on his own, then I start shaping the parts.

I am consumed by these two. They are taking over the studio!

What are giraffes made of?

So far I have used 2 gallons of white glue,12 boxes of Elmer’s Glue paste, 3 rolls of brown contractor paper, 45 rolls of 3” masking tape, 7 sheets of polystyrene, rolls of newsprint, 2 rolls of cardboard, 2 rolls of chicken wire. And counting…


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