Well, after spending almost 2 weeks trying to figure out to deal with the stability issues, I finally have a plan: off with their legs! That’s right.

So long to construct, so fast to saw off.image 

I’ve inserted wooden dowels to help bear the weight. The torso is close to 60 lbs, and it’s proving to be quite the feat to move on and off the table.

So the plan is to finish padding and taping the front legs, then the back legs.

The hooves will have several layers of plywood in the bottom so I can drill the standing giraffe on to a platform.

One giraffe will be placed in an office the other will be outside in a public place .

I have to be certain that neither will topple over, and no they can’t be attached to the floor very easily.

I welcome any and all suggestions, comments, etc.image


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